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Early in 2014 I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, it had always been a dream of mine to venture to Hawaii and live on the north shore, known to many as one of the greatest surf meccas on the planet. With six weeks off work and nothing to do besides surf, it was here at Pipeline, I was fascinated to see people walking around with what looked like big bowls of purple chocolate with fruit and honey on top.


Instantly intrigued I asked a local where I could find one, they directed me towards a big purple truck - this is where I'd find a couple of Brazilians selling açaí bowls. The dude's eyes lit up when they'd learnt I'd never had one before. I'll never forget the moment that spoon full of purple gold hit my tastebuds, it bewildered me, the flavour was so foreign, I thought to myself I'd found an exotic slice of heaven.


As soon as I finished I ordered another one, I was instantly hooked. Slightly obsessed i continued to try tons of different açaí bowls, it was amazing the variations you’d find, however none could match that of the original açaí bowl I'd had from the purple truck, the benchmark was set.


I eventually got home from an unforgettable holiday, within the day i was at my next door neighbours house pitching my idea, the original concept was food truck however we figured it would work better having a solid foundation.


Having been raised in and around Glenelg I knew instantly it would be the best spot drop the hammer. In November 2014 we finally opened the doors, I had no hospitality experience and to be completely honest didn’t know what I was doing, however I knew as soon as people tasted the açaí they would love it and so it was up to the açaí bowls to pave the way.


The basis of which Bomdia Bowls Acai Bar was born was to create that same experience I'd had earlier that year. Eventually i saved up enough money to employ some staff and expand the menu, we gradually became Adelaide’s original and favourite spot for açaí!

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